JCOPE Filing and Training

Financial Disclosure and Ethics Training

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certain ub employees are required to file an annual financial disclosure statement (fds) and attend ethics training every three years. employees will be notified by the campus ethics officer or by the new york state joint commission on public ethics (jcope) if they need to complete the training.

Annual Filing

with some exceptions, jcope requires state employees with an annual salary over the salary threshold ($101,379 effective april 1, 2020) to file a financial disclosure statement (fds) every year.

Filing Deadline
Filer  Due Date 
Non-academic  August 17
Academic  November 15 

Access To Dashboard

an individual jcope dashboard will be established for each identified employee to capture filing and ethics training history. the jcope dashboard is the starting point for filing your financial disclosure statement (fds). 

to access your dashboard:

  • Go to: 
  • Scroll down to Employee Resources, choose SUNY Portal
  • SUNY Secure Sign On - choose Buffalo Univ from the drop down, click login button
  • Login Required - enter your UBIT name and password
  • Click on Business Systems Applications tab (if not shown by default)
  • Click on JCOPE - Financial Statement Disclosure Filing (NYS Directory Services)
  • Choose JCOPE Financial Disclosure System FDS

2020欧洲杯体育直播投注if you receive an error message, please try again using a different browser. no one browser has worked consistently so you may need to try several. 

If you continue to receive an error message, please send the message and when it occurred to the SUNY help desk at 518-320-1208 or helpdesk@suny.edu

depending on the error, you may be further directed to the nys help desk. if you have previously contacted jcope and set up a personal account with a new id, follow the instructions jcope provided to access your dashboard.

Dashboard Example

Review the guidance on FDS online filing,

Exemption From Filing

2020欧洲杯体育直播投注there are two ways to request an exemption:

  1. Use your JCOPE dashboard. Scroll to the bottom of the dashboard.
    • In the filing section:
      • Click on Filing - Request Individual Exemption and follow the instructions, or
      • In the Actions column, find the icon that says “Request an Exemption” when you hover over it

submit your request about a month prior to the fds filing due date (may 15 for non-academic filers or november 15 for academic filers) but no later than the due date. if jcope has not responded by the due date, you are not required to file until you hear from them.

Request An Extension

if you need additional time to file your fds due to justifiable cause or undue hardship, you may apply for an extension. jcope must receive this request by the fds filing due date (may 15 for non-academic filers or november 15 for academic filers).

there are two ways to request an extension:

  1. Use your JCOPE dashboard. Scroll to the bottom of the dashboard.
    • In the filing section:
      • Click on Filing - Request Extension of Time To File A Financial Disclosure Statement and follow the instructions, or
      • In the Actions column, find the icon that says “Request an Extension” when you hover over it

Ethics Training

the purpose of this ethics training is to educate new york state officers and employees about the ethics laws, regulations and policies they are obligated to uphold. in this way, this training seeks to prevent ethics violations before they occur.

jcope filers must attend a comprehensive ethics training course (cetc) covering ethics laws and regulations within three months of becoming an eligible fds filer and subsequently every three years. this training is offered through a webinar. the training is 1.5 to 2 hours depending on the level of audience participation.

Training Webinars

suny and jcope offer the same training. find a date that is convenient for you. 

SUNY Webinar Training Dates

Upcoming Training Dates

Register for SUNY Webinar Training

to register for suny webinar training:

  1. Click the link for the date you would like to participate in the webinar; each link is unique to the particular session. 
  2. Register with your UB email address so your participation can be tracked and you receive credit for attending. 
  3. Training may be taken from any computer, on campus or off campus. 
  4. You may be required to install the GoToWebinar system on your computer; SUNY has indicated that the system is safe and installation is free.
    • Upon registering, participants will have an option to “check system requirements.” It is recommended that you do so at this time.

Testing GoToWebinar

2020欧洲杯体育直播投注participants should test their ability to access the gotowebinar system well in advance so that technical issues can be addressed prior to the start of the webinar.

participants who are unable to connect to the webinar may contact the ubit help center at 716-645-3542 for assistance. the help center is aware of these webinars and will help you. please do not contact suny with webinar issues.  

JCOPE Webinar Training Dates

2020欧洲杯体育直播投注dates for webinars offered by jcope can be found on the jcope website. remember, suny and jcope offer the same training.

Webinar Best Practices and Troubleshooting

Best Practices For The Phone

  • Enter your Audio PIN
  • Don’t use speakerphone
  • Turn off call waiting
  • Turn off your hold music

Mic and Speakers (VoIP)

  • Test your speaker setup
    • Click Audio Setup in the Audio Pane to select the correct device
    • Mac users should click the speaker icon in the Audio Pane to select the correct device
  • Check the volume setting under Audio Setup
    • Click Speakers Setup and then click Play Sound
    • Adjust the slider bar to the desired volume
  • You could have a bad connection
    • Toggle once between the Use Telephone and the Mic and Speakers options
  • If the person speaking is using a microphone with a mute or unmute button, is their microphone muted?
  • Do you have the correct audio option selected?
    • You cannot use the Mic and Speakers option when you have Use Telephone selected
  • It could be an internet bandwidth issue
    • Close other open web pages, including file sharing and music and video streaming
    • If your internet connection is still too slow, you may need to use the Telephone option

I’m Hearing An Echo

  • If you are using a telephone, make sure the audio setting on your control panel is not set to Use Mic and Speakers
  • Built-in or external speakers on your computer or laptop can cause an echo
    • Reduce speaker volume to a low level or turn off speakers when using another device (i.e., headset)
  • Webcams with microphones can pick up additional noise and cause an echo
    • Using a webcam for your audio is not recommended
  • If using a microphone, move the microphone closer to your voice and away from competing sounds (e.g., computer fans)
  • Avoid moving or touching the microphone during the webinar

Receiving Credit for Attending SUNY Webinar Training

2020欧洲杯体育直播投注to receive credit for attending the webinar training, you must access and log in using a computer or tablet with your ub email address. your registration and log in data will be used to verify your attendance in the webinar (which is why you must use your name and campus to register for the training).

only the person who registers receives credit for attending. if you share a computer, only the person who registered to attend the session will get credit. it is recommended that you use one computer or tablet per person.

upon completion of the webinar, verified attendance information generated by the system will be sent to your campus.

Contact an Expert

Mark Coldren.

Mark Coldren

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