Long road in Tanzania, with cars and motorcycles.

Why embrace project-based collaboration?

project-based collaboration is a high-impact practice that gives students powerful opportunities to clarify interests, support learning and career goals, while having a meaningful impact. many of our best projects evolve from faculty relationships and engagement with partners and organizations around the world. we invite your participation in our various initiatives below and are happy to explore new ideas and possibilities.

The Project Portal is powered by faculty and community partners who mentor our undergraduate students as they explore exciting ideas, challenges, and places through meaningful hands-on projects. 
We are excited to partner with faculty who are ready to embrace the potential of high-impact experiential learning. 
Our students excel when they make meaningful connections with faculty. Yet some students report feeling intimidated by faculty and formalized office hours aren’t always conducive to the conversations and dialog that students crave. The ELN connects students with faculty through our Un-Office Hours series and faculty mentor network.