ELN Faculty Fellows

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Application is Closed

proposals for the 2020-2021 academic year will be accepted on this webpage beginning march 2020. when the form is activated, an announcement will be sent via the . 


ub students are seeking opportunities to get close—connecting with people, places and problems and offering meaningful contributions while supporting their own academic and professional goals. at the same time, faculty and departments are eager to connect their students with opportunities to strengthen their learning while preparing for post-graduation success.

To support these complementary goals, the ELN is excited to embark on the creation of a digital “Project Portal” that will connect students from all majors and fields of study with partners seeking engagement around identified topics and needs, both locally and around the world. The portal will include digital partner profiles with dynamic media and contextual documents to frame opportunities.

to meet the diverse needs of our students, we will offer 3 options for their facilitated engagement using our collaboration framework:

  1. A series of digital badges that students can pursue over the course of a semester or multiple semesters to complement and enhance their coursework.
  2. Departmental courses and independent studies that include ELN projects.
  3. ELN Sophomore Living Learning Community, a year-long experience that includes a mentored project and related coursework.

To support this exciting new initiative, we are seeking Faculty Fellows who are interested in working with the ELN to engage their existing partners (local or global) or working with our current partners toward developing project spaces and providing related mentoring and/or instruction. To learn more about ELN’s current partners, please contact Mara Huber or reference our recent Global Partner Studio Institute2020欧洲杯体育直播投注 for details and links.

Fellows will engage in the following activities

Fall semester:

  • Work with ELN staff and identified partners to frame out partner/project spaces to be featured in our Project Portal. To do this, Fellows will explore the partnership with the goal of identifying mutually beneficial projects for collaboration with UB students under the mentorship of the faculty. Using the PEARL framework (prepare, engage, add value, reflect, leverage), these project “spaces” will follow a consistent template and will introduce students to the relevant issues, context and challenges surrounding the partner’s work through relevant readings, resources, faculty and partner expertise, digital media and more.
  • In addition to the project development outlined above, Fellows may refine an existing course syllabus  or develop a new course to incorporate project-based learning. Independent studies and UB Curriculum courses are encouraged.

Spring or Summer semester:

  • Faculty Fellows will provide mentoring to student groups and/or instruct related courses, with ELN staff facilitating other aspects of the project-based learning process.
  • Participate in the annual ELN Project Showcase which highlights student achievements and impacts.

2020欧洲杯体育直播投注additionally, faculty fellows will be expected to join the eln mentor network, making themselves available to interested undergraduate students either through in-person “un-office hours” to be scheduled in 17 norton, through our digital mentor network or via referrals from eln staff.

Benefits to Faculty Fellows and associated departments/programs

faculty fellows will have the opportunity to help build-out our new project portal initiative, enhancing existing relationships and/or cultivating new opportunities for global engagement and collaboration. in addition, fellows will have access to the following benefits:

  • Incubated courses will be assigned departmental course numbers (to be developed with departmental leadership) with credits going to the sponsoring department/program.
  • ELN staff will support all aspects of course and project development, along with facilitation of the course implementation during the spring or summer semester (other than the content mentoring).
  • ELN staff will also support recruitment for the course, storytelling and assessment, all of which will be shared with the sponsoring departments.
  • Fellows will receive monetary support of up to $3,500 that will go to support the development of the course and may pay for travel, equipment or others costs directly associated with the student experience.

following the 2019-2020 pilot, we will review related data, impacts and stories which will all be shared with participating departments and programs.