ELN Sophomore Living Learning Community

Dozens of students outside a residence hall.

Live and learn with us in Greiner Hall.

are you currently a freshman looking for a unique living and learning opportunity during your sophomore year? dive deep into experiential learning, engage with community mentors and work on real-world projects and challenges. live in greiner hall with students who are eager to make a difference — just like you.


  • Collaborate on team projects with tangible impacts.
  • Live with other engaged students who are eager to make a difference.
  • Build strong connections with faculty members and community leaders.


  • Design and implement a team project under the guidance of a mentor.
  • Receive funding support for your project implementation.
  • Participate in a 1-credit course during the fall semester and a 1-credit course in the spring.


  • Experience UB's premier housing Greiner Hall.
  • Attend early move in and community-building orientation.
  • Receive access to special trips and events.

Students making an impact at UB.

  • 4/20/11
    For Xander Covert, becoming the documentarian for Prof. Walt Hakala’s winter trip to India was a bit of a happy accident. His Honors Colloquium TA recommended him to Prof. Hakala as someone who might be interested and could contribute to digital media surrounding the trip. A day after his TA told him about the opportunity, Xander found himself meeting with Walt and agreeing to go on the trip.
  • 4/20/11
    Ever wonder how much energy buildings on campus use every year, or where that energy comes from? Curious to know which building uses the most energy? Well a group of students from the ELN’s Sophomore Living Learning Community are about to launch an app that will tell you just that.
  • 4/20/11
    A team in our very own sophomore living learning community is planning a project that will help a local organization celebrate and communicate their amazing impact on the Buffalo community. Kateryna (Kat) Semenova (computer science and cognitive science, left), Emmalee Sherman (intended nursing, middle) and Abby Grabowski (biomedical engineering, right) were all looking for ways to make a difference and gravitated towards Grassroots Gardens and its mission.
  • 4/20/11
    Through the project she has developed as part of her experience in the ELN's Sophomore Living Learning Community, Aliaya is well on her way to making a real difference in campus safety. Read more about her project and what it's like to participate in a community like this (spoiler alert—it's a lot of fun)!
  • 4/20/11
    Using her own experiences, teamwork, and a network of professionals, Tingyu Zheng and her team are on their way to reducing food waste as part of their project for the ELN Sophomore Living Learning Community.
  • 10/9/17
    Creating outside opportunities. Telling people’s stories. Creating awareness.