UB in the News


NPR interviews Katarzyna Kordas, about a new UNICEF and Pure Earth report showing that about one in three children globally have been exposed to lead at levels shown to damage their health and cognitive development.


The Undefeated quotes Felisha Legette-Jack in a story on Kara Lawson, Duke University's new head coach for women's basketball, and the need for more Black head coaches in university athletic departments


NBC News published an opinion article authored by Henry Louis Tayler about how the combination of Breonna Taylor’s death and racist police actions underlines the danger of gentrification. 


An article published in Yahoo! Finance written by Mark R. O’Brian2020欧洲杯体育直播投注, examined the process evaluating the safety of COVID-19 research.


An article in Forbes on what college leaders can do to address racial justice quotes Raechele Pope.


The Buffalo News featured A. Scott Weber in a story on the new health guidelines on campus. 


CNN featured John Leddy in a story reporting on a study showing that the rate of kids sports and recreation-related emergency room visits for traumatic brain injuries declined 32% from 2012 to 2018, likely due to the decreasing number of kids playing tackle football.


Mark R. O’Brian writes in PBS NewsHour about how retractions and controversies over coronavirus research show that the process of science is working as it should.


The Wall Street Journal featured Guyora Binder in a story on the felony-murder rule, a controversial legal doctrine at the heart of the George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks and Ahmaud Arbery cases.


Washington Post story included commentary from Susan Clark2020欧洲杯体育直播投注 on how Phoenix, the hottest city in America, is finding ways to cool down.