University Policies & Guidelines for Faculty & Staff

This content reflects the subject matter formerly housed in the Faculty Staff Handbook

What follows is an index to the subject matter formerly compiled in the faculty staff handbook.  An opportunity to make comments and suggestions on this new distribution platform has been included at the bottom of the page.  We welcome suggestions for additions, corrections, or updates.  All material has been reviewed and approved by the Faculty Staff Handbook Committee and approved by Provost Charles F. Zukoski on March 12, 2018.  

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General Information

Academic Policies

Policies, Procedures & Criteria for Faculty Personnel Actions (including, appointment, reappointment, promotion, and tenure)

Teaching & Student Related Matters:

2020欧洲杯体育直播投注policies from the :

  •  (Good Standing, Warning, Probation & Dismissal)
  • Faculty Teaching Responsibilities:

For additional policy guidance on classroom, course, undergraduate student, and teaching related matters, see the  and the .

Policies from the :

  • Academic Integrity
  • Academic Standing
  • Grading
  • Grievance Policies
  • International Teaching, Research, & Graduate Assistants

For guidance on the policies listed above and for additional classroom, course, graduate student, and teaching related matters, including degree candidacy, residency requirements, TOEFL etc., see the .

Additional University Policy Statements and Guidance:

Faculty & Professional Staff Governance

UB Personnel Policies from the Human Resources & Administrative Gateway

  • Accrual Rates (Holiday calendar, vacation & sick time for students, classified, professional and faculty employees from the Administrative Services Gateway)
    • CSEA (Classified Staff)
    • UUP (Faculty)
  • Compensation
  • Leaves of Absence (In cases where leave without pay may be needed, the critical element for granting such leave is the certification by the appropriate officials. Please see your HR administrator for assistance. In computing consecutive years of service for sabbatical leave eligibility, leaves without pay and leaves at partial pay "shall not be included and shall not be deemed an interruption of otherwise consecutive service" per the  regarding "service credits.")
  • Nepotism Policy

For additional information from Human Resources see the Administrative Gateway or the University Policy Library.

State University of New York Policies and Guidelines

  • Academic Freedom (Article XI, Title I, SUNY Board of Trustees  below)
  • Adjudicating Allegations of Unprofessional Conduct (See , III.H. and Appendix 4) (pdf)
  •  (State and Federal)
  •  (Conflicts of interest, confidentiality, appearance of impropriety, financial disclosure, moonlighting etc.)
  •  (State and Federal)
  •  (Code of Ethics)(pdf)
  •  (Download) (Word File-may open and minimize to the task bar)
  •  III.F. and Appendix I)

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Additional University at Buffalo Resources & Offices

Comments and Suggestions

We welcome suggestions for additions, corrections, or updates.