Who We Are

the office of the vice president for research and economic development (ovpred) and its constituent units guide and support the university's research as well as its economic development and entrepreneurial activities. it advocates on behalf of researchers, manages compliance and process, and nurtures innovation within the institution and the community. it fosters an environment of discovery, creativity and collaboration.

We support faculty members who are investigating global challenges, discovering new information and inspiring unique connections that solve problems and improve our lives.
We guide the innovative thinking and discoveries that are turning UB into a leading 21st-century public research university.
These offices are the foundation of good research practices, assisting faculty and staff while also guiding industry partners.
VPRED leaders include distinguished faculty researchers and experienced administrators, working on your behalf to ensure excellence.
VPRED staff members, experts in their fields, welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your research goals.
Finding and applying for research funding can be confusing, so it helps to check with experienced colleagues when you have questions or wonder where to start. Your school's associate dean for research is familiar with the process.